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x360 magazineX360 is the UK’s best Xbox 360 magazine thanks to its unrivalled exclusives, editorial integrity, an entire section dedicated to the Xbox community and a team that lives, sleeps and breathes everything associated with the console.

On top of this, every issue comes packed with a free DVD, featuring over two hours of footage as well as exclusive audio reviews and trailers, and a free book, allowing you to beat the latest games, earn thousands of Achievement points and learn the history behind the Xbox 360’s biggest titles. There simply isn’t a better Xbox 360 magazine on the market!

Rick Porter
Editor in Chief

4 comments on “About the Magazine

  1. I have been looking for Issue 54 since Dec 30 09, and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. When can I order my missing issue.
    I always look forwadr to reading it and I actually thought publication suddenly stopped like what happened to the official Xbox mag…
    Glad it’s still running, but can’t believe I missed an issue…

  2. Do you think microsoft should make a portable game console since sony and nitendo have and that their running out of design ideas for a new xbox. Should they go on to handheld market or stick to plain old plug in games.
    What do you think x360?

  3. Wallet

    I got an digital subscription for 360 mag whats happen now?
    How i can swap and to X360 ? I Hope i can do
    Can someone help me?

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