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10 things you didn’t know about… Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

With the awesome-looking sequel just around the corner, we take a look back at the enjoyable yet flawed original,  exposing the little nods, winks and in-jokes that developer IO Interactive  weaved into its brutal tale of two Dead Men walking.

1. This is the first IO game where composer Jesper Kyd didn’t compose the soundtrack on his own. Kyd, who supplied the rather brilliant score to the Hitman games, was assisted by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed.


2. The achievements available to players differs depending on region: the Japanese version features one less achievement, ‘Surgical Precision’, which is gained by killing no civilians in the famous Mizuki nightclub level.

3. Kane’s real name is Adam Marcus, although no one in the game, not even his wife, refer to him by his given name. His mercenary handle ‘Kane’ is always used.


4. Kane & Lynch’s excellent cops versus crooks multiplayer mode Fragile Alliance contains an overt nod to Reservoir Dogs: if a player becomes a traitor, their name is marked in orange. Undercover cop Tim Roth’s handle in Reservoir Dogs is Mr Orange.

5. Kane’s voice actor, Brian Bloom, co-wrote the upcoming big-budget A-Team movie.

6. The achievement ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ is a reference to an old Western TV show of the same name.


7. Retomoto Tower, where Kane leads an assault on the businessman who set him up and gave him his horrific facial scar, is a reference to the company Reto-Moto. which spawned IO Interactive.

8. The game features, Japanese version aside, 47 achievements, a reference to well, you know who.

9. The name of multiplayer map ‘Hot Coffee’ is an obvious nod to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and there’s also a character in the coffee shop who strongly  resembles GTA’s  Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson

10. Kane’s push-dagger melee weapon has the word ‘revenge’ written on its side.

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