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8 Twitch channels worth following on Xbox One

There are thousands of gamers out there streaming content to the world via Twitch at any given moment, and that makes finding some of the better channels a bit of a pain in the arse. For your benefit, we’ve sifted through the lot and picked the ten channels you absolutely need to be following for the best streams on Xbox One.


SyndicateSpeciality: UK’s best export

Syndicate is one of the UK’s most famous and popular live streamers, finding his fame by talking incessantly over sessions on Call Of Duty and Minecraft. He’s not the best player in the world, but that’s okay, because his streams tend to be so damned entertaining. We keep harping on about how important it is to keep an active conversation with your audience, and Syndicate does this better than anyone else – his ability to consistently talk about everything and anything has made him one of the biggest voices in gaming thanks to Twitch.


TwitchPlaysPokemonSpeciality: Pokémon masters

Twitch stumbled onto true genius when interactive live stream Twitch Plays Pokémon went live. Thousands of viewers helped push a weary trainer through the entirety of Pokémon Red, with the game responding to commands typed into the chat window. It spawned an incredible amount of support from all corners of the internet, and was also the subject of daily trolling by legions of gamers eager to release entire parties of Pokémon moments before a gym battle. It’s often amusing, especially if you’ve got any nostalgic connection to the games.

Major Nelson

MajorNelsonSpeciality: Intimate with Microsoft

We couldn’t put together a list of Twitch channels to keep an eye on without including Mr Microsoft mouthpiece himself, Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb. While his streaming schedule isn’t as regular as we’d like it to be, it’s the best place to see the hottest Xbox One games in action before they hit shelves, and to see internal Microsoft teams battling it out for glory. This is also a fantastic opportunity to pose questions directly to Microsoft employees and receive unfiltered and honest answers to your pressing queries direct from the source.


SwiftorSpeciality: Community specialist

While most live streamers operate solo, Swiftor has done a fantastic job of trying to unite a community around his sessions, with everything running through the GameOn forums. Of course, this isn’t his only reason for success. Witty banter and pretty fantastic Call Of Duty: Ghosts skills have kept this streamer near the top of the ranks, as has his helpful advice that he regularly dishes out over Facebook and Twitter. He regularly plays with those in the comments sections, so it’s well worth signing up to Twitch and dropping by if you fancy joining the show.

Team Dakota

Project sparkSpeciality: Developer interaction

It’s rare for a developer to find the time to interact with its community as regularly as Team Dakota does. Regular live streams of Project Spark, the upcoming game creation tool, not only walk users around some of the more confusing and advanced systems – but also take the time to highlight some of the better user creations. Like Major Nelson’s channel, this is also a great opportunity for you to pose pressing questions directly to the developer, and a chance to meet other like-minded viewers looking to forge their own gaming experiences in Project Spark.

The Creatures

TheCreaturesSpeciality: Group madness

More often than not, The Creatures find a delicate balance between videogame commentators and podcast hosts, and the result is usually entertaining. Run by eight hosts, the channel does a good job of jumping between Xbox 360 releases that most channels tend to overlook – but be warned, the banter pulls no punches, so we should probably strap an AO tag here before we advise you to go and check it out. Still, it’s one of the most popular channels on Twitch, everyone loves a little bit of unbridled game bashing from time to time.


NowGamerSpeciality: Multi-platform heroes

If you’re after lovely Xbox One coverage, then we’re your guys – but for all the latest in other formats, go no further than our comrades in publishing over at NowGamer. Regular streams throughout the week cover everything from Sega classics all the way up to the latest PC and next-gen releases. While they aren’t quite as beautiful or talented as ourselves – but how could they be? – they’ll certainly entertain as they bring you the games worth your time and attention across every platform. Their retro streams are particularly good fun.

X-ONE Magazine

XONESpeciality: Kings of Xbox

Hey, remember us? We’re the UK’s most awesome independent Xbox magazine. Before you check out any other streams on Twitch, it is well worth swinging over to our channel and checking out our mad skills on everything from FIFA to Titanfall. If you fancy a laugh, come and check out our channel every Thursday between 5-6pm UK time – if there’s a new release on Xbox One or Xbox 360, there’s a good chance we’ll be streaming it and for multiplayer games we’ll even try to get you guys involved to play with us live. Keep an eye on our Twitter for details. And watch our writer Josh lose his sh*t playing Outlast right now. It was amazing.



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