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8 Xbox One games you can make more hardcore

If you’ve been playing games for a while then you probably know your way around a controller: why not test those abilities? Try out these options in the following games to find out whether or not you’re a true hardcore gamer.



Combat isn’t a viable option, so stick to the shadows and plan your route very carefully. If you’ve gone the whole hog and turned Focus off too then you’ll need to make doubly sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t forget your ability to dash in the shadows.


Ryse: Son Of Rome

A lot of people complained that Ryse was God Of War on autopilot; not true. Stick this on the highest difficulty and you’ll get a game that doesn’t back down, and you’ll have a better time with it as a result. This is mostly because the window for activating your executions – in other words, the QTE sections – is considerably smaller. You need to learn the animations that you might encounter, and learn precisely which button to press before you need to press it. Get Legendary ratings enough and you’ll gain those health or XP boosts more consistently.


Trials Fusion

Trials has long been the hardcore gamer’s respite in the XBLA scene, and Trials Fusion is no different. Aside from making sure your times smash all your friends, the real test comes from completing all those challenges and repeatedly beating your friends, because you know they won’t let that lie. It means having to play the game in a very particular way – and it’s different with each stage – so you better get ready to put the hours in.


Forza 5

Depressingly, by default Forza 5 will kick all the assists on. What this means is – should you leave them as they are – you’ll find you’ll win every race whether you brake properly or not. Now this might sound grand, but Forza 5 makes for a far better game if you switch all that off. You’ll need to start considering the right braking spots and learn how to accelerate out of a corner (rather than into it). In fact you’ll only be able to log the very best lap times if you remove the assists and put all that practice into action.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

We know, we know – Assassin’s Creed has never been a difficult game. But with Black Flag the inclusion of Legendary Ships made for a particularly challenging objective to aim for. You’ll need to level up the Jackdaw as much as you can and there are particular strategies necessary for defeating them, but it won’t be easy. There’s an Achievement for it too, so you’ll be rewarded for the effort.


Rayman Legends

A 2D platformer should be fairly innocuous enough, right? Nope. A real test of skill are the Daily Challenges. You might not have bothered, but here the world’s elite attempt to earn a Diamond Medal as they try to collect the most lums, run the furthest or drop the longest. To get a Diamond Medal you’ll need to be in the top 1% of the world, however, and while that can be possible on The Dojo stage (there’s often a limit on just how many you can collect) you’ll need to put hours of practice in.


Call Of Duty: Ghosts

While it’s a shame that Ghosts doesn’t have a Barebones mode like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops (which strips out all of a player’s killstreaks and perks), that doesn’t mean you can’t implement your own equivalent. The beauty of customising your classes means that, if you so choose, you can just forgo killstreaks and perks entirely. Just put a very basic weapon setup together and test yourself to see just how well you can do without all those irritating extras.


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

There are myriad ways you can test yourself with the latest MGS. For starters, after completing each mission you’ll unlock a ‘Hard’ difficulty, which makes detection tougher and enemies stronger. But how about going for a silent run through the game, where you rescue every hostage without ever being spotted or knocking someone out? It’ll require patience to learn the guards’ routes properly, but it is possible. Remember to stay out of sight, only use solid cover as line-of-sight protection and tag everyone with the binoculars.

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