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Destiny: Bungie Talks Competitive Multiplayer & Persistent Characters

Bungie’s Destiny is breaking all sorts of rules. A ‘shared world shooter’ that has more in common with the MMO world than its been willing to admit, how Destiny will eventually play isn’t really clear yet.

But, Bungie has been answering questions and since it’s big reveal we’ve been able to get a clearer picture what Destiny actually is. We caught up with Bungie’s Joseph Staten for X360’s issue 96 feature and asked him a few important questions.

Questions like:

Will there be competitive multiplayer?

“Destiny is built on a strong foundation of co-op and competitive play, and it’s a Bungie game.”

“We love competition; we love that part of the gamer.”

“We’re not talking about that part of Destiny yet, but you should assume that it’s a Bungie game and we love competitive multiplayer – if you love that then you’ll love Destiny, too.”


Should players expect to have the same character for the ten years that Destiny is planned for?

“Well, the only thing we’re saying right now is that this is your character in the world of Destiny.”

“For as long as that world exists you can be that person; we really want it to be a situation that, yeah, the decision you make early on in the game matters and [your character] sticks with you and really grows over time. That’s extremely important to us.”

“As much as we enjoyed switching back and forth between protagonists, sometimes from the Master Chief to the Arbiter or an ODST, we’re even more excited about this world where you can be a real person.”

“You can make interesting choices and you can stick with this character. You know it’s really important when you’re in a social shared world to have an identity that people recognise, that people can remember.”

“You are going to be identified by the choices you make, so it’s really important that your character sticks around for a long time.”


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  2. Brian

    Hmm if competitive multiplayer is done right (like halo 2 and halo 3) then 343i will be in trouble with future halo titles. Bungie you gave us the best competitive multiplayer ever, halo reach was the downfall tho which 343 continued to destroy. Now this, bungie you have the chance to bring joy to millions, let’s knock it outta the park! And let destiny consume us all!

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