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Injustice: Four Reasons It’ll Be Super

Story is king
“For us, [story] is very important! With a cast as iconic as ours, we would be doing a disservice to the fans and franchise if we did not have an amazing story that pulled the game together. The story team here has managed to create an amazing tale that I personally think rivals some Hollywood films!”

Balanced gameplay is key
“One of the ways we are creating balance is by making sure that no character has a particular background that they are more powerful in. Superman will not be more powerful in the Fortress of Solitude, for example, but he may have a stronger interaction with the Phantom Zone gun than Batman does, whereas Batman will have a more powerful interaction with something else in the stage.”

All of DC’s favourites are ready to fight
“Many of the DC Comics heroes and villains have abilities that are so epic in scope that figuring out ways to distil these abilities into a manageable fighting game can sometimes present a challenge. Superman has weaknesses too, and he has been temporarily beaten many times. I believe that we have captured the essence of these abilities and still managed to create a tight, focused fighting game.”

Backgrounds come into the foreground
“It has been an interesting experience, folding the background interactables into the core gameplay, but we are working incredibly hard to make sure that they only add to the fighting experience. Forcing your opponent into certain areas of a background that are advantageous to you is a strategy that we are incorporating into the mechanics of a match and one that will help create a sense of purpose and balance.”

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