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Next-Gen Xbox Needs To Keep Indie Games On XBLA

The Indie Games channel offers alternatives to XBLA’s finest for a fraction of the price and you’d be silly to ignore them.

With more and more games on XBLA getting more and more expensive, and with the next-gen future of Xbox laying an uncertain path for indie development, now is the perfect time to enjoy the indie game channel and all its wonderfully eccentric games.

Here are some XBLA games and their indie game alternatives…


White Noise Online

Developer: Milkstone Studios

Price: 80 Points

Taking its cues from PC freebie Slender, White Noise is about exploring creepy locations without attracting the unwanted attention of mysterious figures that, for some reason, want you dead.

It looks awesome for a game that costs less than a pound and features online co-op as well, so if horror is your thing, this is one of the better examples available for download.




Developer: NanaOn-Sha

Price: 800 Points

Coming from the rhythm-action pioneers that gave us PaRappa The Rapper, Haunt is predictably somewhat strange.

bizarre cross between Condemned and Luigi’s Mansion controlled exclusively with Kinect, it’s just a shame that the usual issues with motion control prevent it from being anything more than a novel experiment.


Rad Raygun

Developer: Tru Fun Entertainment

Price: 80 Points

Monochrome Game Boy style titles seem to be all the rage on the Indie Games channel and this is one of our favourites, emulating the classic handheld right down to some crazy motion blur.

The music is exceptional, too – if you even vaguely enjoy chiptune soundtracks then this can be considered worth the asking price alone.



Mega Man 9

Developer: Capcom

Price: 800 Points

The Blue Bomber’s retro revival had fans of old-school gaming beaming from ear to ear, Capcom brilliantly returning to the franchise’s roots with this new/old game and its further improved sequel.

Tough as nails (as it should be) and packed with content in the form of additional challenges and characters, this is an awesome doff of the cap to gaming’s rich past.



Developer: MagicalTimeBean

Price: 80 Points

While it might look like an 8-bit RPG in the vein of Dragon Quest, Soulcaster’s combat is actually far closer to tower defense than that of a traditional RPG.

Allies can be placed and recovered to defend your fragile wizard from Gauntlet-style hordes of monsters, and while it starts out relatively sedate, things quickly escalate.



South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!

Developer: DoubleSix

Price: 800 Points

Or any tower defense game, for that matter – they’re all the bloody same.

While we sort of get the appeal of the genre, it’s one far better suited to mobile gaming where you can see off a couple of waves of enemies on the bus and play little and often.

Although ‘little and often’ can become ‘for a really long time’. We’ve been there. Curse you, Plants Vs Zombies.


XBLA: 2,400 Points (approx. £20.40)

XBLIG: 240 Points (approx. £2.04)



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