The Top 10 Worst-looking Games On Xbox 360

10. GI Joe: Rise Of The Cobra

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We especially love the way these guys are talking about their game as if it’s not the shittest thing ever to take place on a television screen. Kudos, guys… kudos.

9. Great Battles: Medieval

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The battles look like a medieval leper has swallowed some toy soldiers and sicked them up onto a fungal snooker table. Check 14:33 for some equally shocking close-up action.

8. Halo 3: ODST

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Check from 1:11 onwards. There’s enough jaggies, Trials HD’s developers went on to base many of their more challenging courses on the various bits and bobs in this cockpit. Halo 3: ODST remains the only game ever at whose review event, we stopped playing and asked a technician to check for us if the Xbox 360 was set to HD.

7. Tron: Evolution

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Your game’s so ugly, it couldn’t be worse if the whole thing were voiced in a creepy form of German. Oh, wait…

6. Two Worlds

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When you’re not being chased to the ends of the earth by rampantly aggressive wildlife, the visuals of Two Worlds were hauntingly shit.

5. The First Templar

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At about 0:45 you can witness the startling-looking combat, but let’s be honest, close your eyes and pick a spot on this video. Then keep them closed. It’s for your own good.

4. Way Of The Samurai 3

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Skip straight to 6:57 for a demonstration of not only how terrible this game looks, but also what type of person the guy demoing it is.

3. Destroy All Humans: Path Of The Furon

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Oh, dear god. Make it stop.

2.  Risen

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How much more awful could this look? None. None more awful. Skip to 0:49 for some particularly piquant awfulness.

1. X-Men Destiny

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Skip to 13:30 when it finally comes out of barely-acceptable cut-scenes and into the shocking last-gen environments.

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10 comments on “The Top 10 Worst-looking Games On Xbox 360

  1. therealminime

    Um, ODST is not one of the worst looking games on the Xbox 360, it has some terrific lighting and an art style that makes up for the aging engine. I call a bit of Halo hate because if ODST is one of the worst looking than Halo 3 has to be even higher on the list as it is over two years older then ODST.

  2. NachoKingP

    I agree with therealminime, ODST is definitely NOT a bad looking game. Far from it in fact, it was one of the best looking games on the system at the time, and that wasn’t that long ago. Basing your entire ranking on the opening cutscene is pretty poor journalism if you ask me, considering that it’s about 1% of the entire experience.

  3. Curtis

    two worlds didn’t look bad, it just lagged.
    ODST didn’t look bad, it was just a bad game.
    where is darkest of days?

  4. Very good list but I have to disagree with one of the titles. Halo ODST was definitely not one of the best looking games but in my opinion it should not be part of the worst 10. It could have easily been replaced with Peter Jacksons King Kong.

    Nice post though. I enjoyed the videos

  5. m

    lmao i think i will add this article to my own list “top 10 most biased blogs ever written and passed off as an article”

  6. Daniel

    You have maybe 2 or 3 games that belong on that list… there are some really bad looking games on the system. Every Dynasty Warrior’s games should be on that list… I’d even allow you to just group them all together. Bully was a fun game, but it had horrid graphics. Phantasy Star Universe is one of my favorite games, but it also had horrible graphis… last gen even like Bully. Bladestorm was also pretty bad… Operation Darkness…. Lost would have not been bad if it was a launch title game, but… it wasn’t. Gun was horrible looking even if it was fun as all get out… just a high res version of the Xbox1 game. The first CSI game… Hard Evidence was really bad though the next one looked pretty good. Mini Ninja’s was pretty bad graphiclly, but did a great job of hiding alot of it’s failures with it’s cute nature.

  7. Snowman

    Most of these games look good to me. So good in fact, I might upgrade from my Sega Master System. Does the 360 have any Alex the Kidd games, and how big are the carts?

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