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Top 5 Reasons Why Black Ops Zombies Sucks

After Activision’s teaser site gknova6.com sprang into life, showing zombies marauding over its entire Cold War setting, it’s been confirmed some sort of zombie co-operative mode will appear in Black Ops. For shame…


Firstly, and most notably, surely there isn’t a gamer alive right now who hasn’t had their fill of the undead? From Plants vs Zombies through Left 4 Dead to Shellshock 2, 360 gamers aren’t exactly short of a chance to eliminate the brain chomping buggers. That’s before the current triumvirate of Red Dead, Dead Rising 2 and, er, itself…


Second, isn’t this all potentially in just a little poor taste? Though it was relatively safe to assume WWII combatants wouldn’t have been the greatest of videogame fans, Vietnam vets arguably include some of gaming’s pioneers (so far as consumption goes). Would they react kindly to such horror being reduced to an ironic in-joke? Perhaps not.


Of course, there’s the legitimate point that horde modes of various types have fast become a T and FPS cliche, drowning gamers in various amounts of the red stuff. This reporter’s certainly a little tired of being endlessly entrenched in the same gameplay mechanic like some jumped-up iPhone game…


The mode doesn’t really fit in with the historical time period, in this reporter’s eyes. Rather than the vanilla combat of the 1940s, the Vietnam War saw a switch to guerrilla tactics – a mastermind of improvised warfare. Speaking candidly, have you ever seen a zombie up a tree? Thought not…


Fianlly, if Treyarch are planning on including a game mode rather amusing, rather than concentrate on trodden ground surely some mileage could be made of the fact Black Ops looks the least stealthy stealth game of all time. Helicopters crashing through the air, heavy backup being called. Perhaps some sort of dogfighting mode would please, or maybe an Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood style murder ’em-up? Just a thought.
So, what do y’all think?

32 comments on “Top 5 Reasons Why Black Ops Zombies Sucks

  1. Farhan

    But dont we barely know anything about the zombie mode?
    And what if they didnt put a zombie mode in it? That was one of the best parts of World At War

  2. WAPOWWW! face hit.

    i think youv repeated yourself 3 times there that it isnt part of the time period and while i respect that, no one kicks a beanbag around in football and yet i guarantee thats exactly what everyone who buys pes 2011 is gonna play with instead of a football. These are games, not simulations. If you are proposing that the idea of the game is to make people understand what Vietnam was like then surely the idea of turning such a time into an enjoyable time consuming activity is bad enough already, not to mention killing each other for fun on the multiplayer. If you are looking for an all-out streamlined experience without extra modes to give you bang for your buck then go buy ArmA

  3. kk

    look man you don’t have to play zombies i don’t see anyone forcing you too, how can we be mad at extra modes, if anything we pay a lot of money for these games i would’nt care if we were shooting ducks as an added mission in cod black ops. don’t take it to serious man its just a fictional game based on past events, all games we play are fictional> far from real, so get a life and enjoy the game.

  4. kk

    another thing is that zombies have wayyyyyyyy tooooooooo much a massive and supportive following that you 5 reasons dont stand a chance for anything, the funny thing is that is the first mode you off all people are going to want to play first and ill be sure you will play it more than once

  5. SpazmoPudding

    Well, ahem, Steve, I see what you mean.
    But who doesn’t love zombies?
    Rather than these stupid modes, what’s wrong with a Halo-esque co-op option for the main campaign?

  6. yrcrazy

    There are alot of zombie games around , but I would still be very disappointed if the zombie mode weren’t to be in Black Ops. Nazi zombies was truly epic and i can’t wait for more similar stuff with new maps.Im sure everyone will go on about how it will ‘suck’ for ages but when they come to play it they will be perfectly happy.

  7. Anonymus

    I can see where you are coming from but

    Firstly about the time period, unless you have actually played the game you wouldn’t have any clue what time period the mode is based in. From what I have seen they have decided to continue from where the left off and make a story saying that, to this day it is still going on.

    Second the reason there are so many zombie games out there is because of the demand of those game, obviously zombie games are a big hit and people seem to enjoy them, I’m not saying everyone does but majority do so Trey-arch must be doing something right, otherwise why would there be already 1.4 million pre-orders in the USA alone.

  8. oneblue

    Your opinion is noted… and completely rejected. If as you say you are a reporter, then you should do some research and you would come to realize we as a community can’t wait until the undead are unleashed on us in november. And basically all you said was there shouldn’t be zombies because…it makes a joke of nam?…too many zombie games?…they don’t fit in the era?…too much blood?…and i don’t know what that last crappy one was but all in all your reasons suck. So when black ops gets released just check online and see how many other people totally disagree with your…opinions???

  9. OnlyInAndOut

    I think Treyarch NEEDS Zombies. Lets face it, the World at War multiplayer was very poor, nothing compare to MW2 and even the ledgend that is CoD4. But zombies is what made WoW and all the people, like me, who were dissapointed by the multiplayer loved zombies. Though Zombies wasn’t really my thing, I prefered endlessly playing CoD4 until MW2 came out, I think that including the unique take on the undead that is Nazi Zombies will get alot more sales then the promise of a new take on the multiplayer.

  10. lol

    there is already enough shooter games out. let’s not make anymore as there is plenty around already. NO

    i didnt buy black ops so i could play it and then go play dead rising for a while, did i?

  11. Josh

    Honestly I have played the Zombie modes. First feeling is they are shite. Compared to the Spec Ops we got in Modern warfare, zombie mode is a sad waste of time leaving us nothing else then Multiplayer or Singleplayer.

    Some people say we should be glad we get additional content. Well to be fair I don’t think anywone would have noticed there wasn’t any.

    And besides, if you feel a gigantic need to go and kill Zombies, World at War wasn’t so much different then this Zombie mode.

    Just shortly, Zombie mode on BO sucks peacock!

  12. kharn121

    Well after playing zombies for a while all I can say is it pretty well sucks. The weapons they let u buy r crap after about round 3 and the damage a zombie can take geometrically expands each round.

  13. pop

    your a “reporter” not a gamer.you cant speak.its a game not reality is that hard to comprehend?seriously?if you don’t like then keep your mouth shut no one asked to spew hate over a great game…

  14. bofalen

    Did you even play the zombie mode? It has many thing in it. I would understand if it was BORING but it isnt. Anyways companys wouldn’t be making zombie modes if there wasnt anybody liking them.Why did you choose black ops when it is one of the best games to have a zombie game. Just think before you open your mouth. :P

  15. pnitro4

    You Suck. Both of the modes rock and they suit the game!

    u guys say it sucks because it got alot harder in black ops
    and ur all whining that a zombie killed you.

    would you like it if u make a game kinda like nazi zombies and alot off peaple say it sucks?

  16. J.R.

    I was dissapointed by the 5 things of why zombies sucks. I was looking for how the actual game is played. If I was to guess, the programmers made the game, didn’t want the game to be too easy, because, if you beat it, there is no reward, its just a “number” of rounds folks, and running in circles so you can have a higher number by your name, pretty insane. So what they did is took a cheap way to make the game harder, in which no matter how much you practice, you get robbed by cheap tricks, like being stuck on furniture, having your gun take ten minutes to reload, never getting any freaking good weapons out of the mystery box, did I say getting stuck on furniture? yah that one pisses me off, the manuvering of the game sucks, no question about it, what about busting your butt for points and dying on one of these stupid glitches I just mentioned, then to sum it all up, I still play here and there, because the game idea has potential, but the game in my WII, is a failure, a complete failure!!!!!!!

  17. I forgot, I am older, but here is a tip for kiddies. When the original Nintendo came out, I was a fan of Kid Icarus, and guess what, there was actually a booklet telling you what was what, what was at value, what could kill you and even how to kill it. This zombie game is like 100 times more complex, or probably a lot less just looks more complex because of the 3d grids, the zombie game has lights, buttons, boxes, green icons, transporters, etc. etc. and no manual. I have been out of the loop but what are you supposed to do? The capitalist pessimistic view I hold sometimes would guess there is a Zombie manual you can order for 60 bucks. And if not, then you search online? The internet is the worse it have ever been. The simpliciy in websites have turned into Javascript attacking garbage migrain causing disgraces, so scratch searching the thousands of crap log in forums and sites to figure this game out.

  18. unown

    why are all of you fighting black ops is the sickest shooting game and zombie mode is sick but i hate when the dogs come. they all ways kill mebut what im saying is black ops is sick and its zombie mode is to and i know some of your are like black ops is stupid thats your opinion but not mine i think its sick

  19. Dude these reasosn are stupid STFu and get over it you dont like Black ops when did you figure people care what you think about a video game who the hell is gonna read this and go hmmm you know what you’re right Im gonna stop playing now If people really thought about it theyd realize theyre wasting time playing a game when they could be out having a life

  20. Treyarch sucks!

    Black ops is slightly better than World at War! Both games suck. Mw and MW2 are way better. Zombies takes about 5-7 hours just to get to a “decent” round like high 20’s. Spec Ops is way way way better. Graphics by treyarch suck penis, and they never really changed anything at all from the game they made 2 years ago!
    Look at these videos!

    This video shows why black ops sucks

    This video shows which game is better

  21. jlbfd

    Oh shut the flip up, all of you zombie flippers. Zombies sucks and is kinda flippin pointless. don’t be a bunch of whiny little so and sos about it. I have my opinion he has his so suck a fat one and get the flip over yourselves.

  22. zombies are 99% bugs like the dog glitch on kino and u cant jump over a crawling zombie u always stuck in zombies and u always stuck in zombies falling to death slowly and guns are WAAAAAY overpowered (best gunzz) and worst guns are WAAAAAAAY underpowered that means no balance and not to mention campaign suck and multiplayer moneysystem is just horrible

  23. monkey

    Zombies sucks. It’s the same repetitive garbage over and over and over and never offers something new. Unlike zombie mode, multiplayer always offers a different challenge. Although multiplayer matches will take place on the same map with the same weapons, each player has a different style and level of skill offering a challenge that can’t be predicted.

    zombies… same thing every time you play it and the worst part of it all is there is no goal, no reward, not even a sense of accomplishment because you die at the end no matter what. Take notes from games like dungeon defenders where it offers an intense challenge at many difficulties and if you can’t match up to the challenge, then you level up and unlock new perks until you are prepared to handle the challenge.

    zombies is boring, predictable, and repetitive and is clearly the way to comfort people with ADHD

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