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Why Microsoft is right not to allow HD remakes

After the storm of discontent regarding Microsoft’s decision not to bother with HD remixes of original Xbox games, we’ve decided it’s actually the right thing to do, and here’s why.

Legend Of Spyro: A New Beginning
Let’s face it, the giant publisher doesn’t have the greatest of records when it comes to deciding what’s a ‘fan favourite’ and what isn’t. After launching its downloadable Xbox Originals strand after all, gamers could wallow in the delights the above dragon-based advenute, but had to wait over a year and a half for Grabbed By The Ghoulies (among other things). What, as they say, is up with that?

Jade Empire
Neither is their record on value all that hot. If a publisher charges 1200 Microsoft Points for a title demanding minimal technical re-jigging and no asset creation, what might folk be expected to endure, just so Dawn Star’s bottom is slightly more shapely in Jade Empire. Or, indeed, to see this so-called classic pale into insignificance next to Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Halo: Combat Evolved
Anyone who’s seen Mario 64 running on a PC will know that some environments just aren’t suited to additional pixels. No matter how prettily their textures are repainted, no matter how charismatic the title’s leading light, you’re still looking at about four flat surfaces lacking any depth or character. Imagine Master Chief cavorting around buffed smooth fields, or PGR 2’s so-called realistic urban environments rendered as a bunch of shoeboxes. That’s what it’d look like…

Timesplitters 2
Nostalgia is, after all, a cruel mistress. Though that copy of Ribbit King may look appealing after five tins of something inadvisable, in reality it’s just a game about having no control whatsoever over a frog. Similarly, the likes of Timesplitters, Beyond Good & Evil, even NHL Hitz – cult successes all at the time – were designed for a more primitive time, and hence won’t survive the jump without scarring. Come on, we’ve all played GoldenEye, this is a technology driven business, still.

Get On Da Mic
It won’t be any less insufferable. ‘Nuff said.

9 comments on “Why Microsoft is right not to allow HD remakes

  1. Jim Hargreaves

    HD remakes/remixes are a godsend for both players who missed out on these games the first time and devs/publishers looking to soak up some extra cash.

    So far we have had Medal of Honor: Frontline, the God of Wars series, the Sly Cooper series, the Prince of Persia series and the ICO collection announced, if not released already. There is not one of the those game I wouldn’t “double-dip” on.

    In some cases, price may be an issue, but the way Sony are handling these remakes seems fair in terms of what you are actually buying. On average, these HD collection which are going on sale are retailing at around £20 – £25 at most gaming outlets. If I wanted to buy Shadow of the Colossus and ICO from eBay, it would easily run me past £40. Not to mention the HD remakes would include trophy support as well as the possibility of added content and 3D.

    No matter how hard you try, you are never going to get God of War to look as good as God of War III, and the majority of gamers will accpet that. As long as the gameplay is still intact, who cares?

    It’s true that some cult-classics wont turn out as well as did in the golden days, though take Medal of Honor: Frontline as an example. Instead of hashing in the same rustic control scheme as the original game, Danger Close modernised it, and it plays just as well as any other FPS.

    At the end the day it’s not right for Microsoft to jump on the HD remake wagon because simply enough, there aren’t enough huge classic Xbox games to push the buttons of the current breed of 360 gamers.

  2. Jon P

    I’d say the “remake” that you’re describing isn’t made for HD, however, I think “remake” if done right would be great. I refer to the word doing way it says, “remaking”. So, let’s say Doom 3 were remade HD, the term means more than polish existing surfaces, it should mean that new models would be created…..thus the four surface enemy face is now made with contours, complex patterns, etc…. I mean, if we the consumer are being charge a fee of say $39.99 for a remake, can’t we expect that modern development of the existing game will take place?

  3. doa766

    they’re right to do it because they have nothing worthy of an HD remake, unlike the PS2 which has at least a dozen games that would be great on HD like metal gear 2 and 2, final fantasy 10 and 12, the team ico games, the jak and daxter games and more

  4. PP

    The reason Microsoft shouldn’t re – release old games is because all Xbox games are crap and re – releasing them would be double crap. Nobody wants double crap…….especially at breakfast time.

  5. RastaYO

    Have you seen the HD remakes for PS3? Take a quick look and nearly all of your arguments are defeated. It’s all about carefully choosing the game and redoing the textures.

  6. justin

    I know u guys are a 360 website but how much do u crawl up microsofts ass.
    Pretty much every article should be “no matter what microsoft does, we think its awesome”

    Grow up

  7. Dave Williams

    Remakes why bother it takes time, just concentrate on the current gen games, thats what people want most i think, and even i still have an original xbox with alot of games, that still dont look to bad next to 360 games, and you can play some in hd anyway, with hd cable.

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