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Xbox One: How to get the most from SmartGlass

Photo 23-11-2013 22 00 301 Achievement tracking

Whether you’re at home or not you can keep an eye on your Achievements and game progress through the SmartGlass app. By selecting your profile image rather than the Achievement app, you can check in on your progress through all of your games. That includes Challenges that are still available, your recently unlocked Achievements, those still to come and any game clips you may have recorded.

Photo 23-11-2013 19 45 302 Launch apps

Xbox One makes it very easy to access every app, game and service you want from anywhere. There’s Kinect for telling your Xbox what you want, the Home button to bring up your full dashboard or you can use SmartGlass. At any time, whatever you happen to be doing on Xbox One, you can bring up a different service by selecting it on SmartGlass and selecting Play on Xbox One. It will then be loaded up instantly on your console.

XB1 - Snap - 2013-11-28 10-26-283 Launch in Snap mode

Rather than just taking over your Xbox One, some apps can be snapped through SmartGlass. Things such as Skype, Xbox Video and Xbox Music can be multitasked so that they’re running in the background while you’re doing something else. With SmartGlass you can activate this with a couple of taps instead of using Kinect voice commands or moving back and forth from the dashboard. Perfect for taking a Skype call or finding some helpful videos on Machinima.

Photo 23-11-2013 19 46 524 Find add-ons

Another great example of how you can access important info while playing a game is finding downloadable content without needing to access the full store. By selecting games you’ve been playing you get a list of potential add-ons for that title. Simply select one you’re interested in for more information through SmartGlass and then choose to Open on Xbox One to launch the store directly to that page on your TV.

Photo 24-11-2013 21 50 175 Pin games and apps

Pinning apps, services and games to your Pins page is a great way of keeping your most important applications close at hand, but you can edit and add those pins from anywhere with SmartGlass. Select any app or recently played game and you’ll find the option to Pin or Unpin that app from your home page. Swipe right to reveal all of your pinned apps from the left of the screen too and see what you have laid out.

Photo 24-11-2013 13 57 556 Watch game clips

A surprise extra for SmartGlass. As well as watching your recently recorded clips through your profile page you can watch all of the clips created by others from any Xbox One game. Hit the Spyglass to search for a game, then swipe to reveal more info to the right and some recommended game clips. Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner of these preview videos for more options then scroll to the right for Community Clips. There should be plenty to watch.

  • Nintendont

    Love smartglass, take note Nintendo, this is the future and this is how u do it right. Sony got it right too with vita streaming games, a little jealous of that but I’d take an xb1 any day