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Castlevania Dev: ‘We’re Still Not Fully Exploiting The Current Gen’

The next-gen Xbox is close and the promise of eye-watering graphics is coming with it, but some developers believe there’s plenty of juice left in the Xbox 360.

Though this answer does vary depending on who you ask within the game’s industry, it’s easy to see why some developers are still more than happy to release their games in a year they know that they’ll be competing with next-gen titles.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 is one of these games and it’s a good looking title, that much is obvious, but if the power of the next-gen consoles is to be believed, it could be about to look very out of date come November/December time.

But that doesn’t worry Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2’s producer David Cox.

Cox is one of the many developers that believe there’s more than enough juice left in the 360 and the transition between the two generations needn’t be as bumpy as some are predicting it could be.

We spoke to Cox at a recent Lords Of Shadow 2 event and asked what he thought about the shift to the next generation and the next-gen Xbox’s potential…

X360: Do you think we’ve seen the last drops of processing power squeezed out of the 360 hardware?

David Cox: We’re getting there, but there’s life in the old dog yet. We’re still not fully exploiting the potential of the current gen.

Graphically and in terms of size, CLOS 2 will certainly be pushing the 360 and PS3 hard. If you want to make a good game, you have to strive to go beyond what is expected of hardware – and Mercury Engine will be a real test.

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X360: Are you at all concerned about potentially launching around a time when there’s such a buzz around the next generation?

Cox: Not at all. It’s not as if everyone is going to pack up their 360 or PS3 just because a new update is out. Historically, the lifespan of consoles continues alongside new machines.

The real hardcore will no doubt be early adopters, but they are also going to want to be playing the best games available for any format. CLOS2 more than falls into this category, no matter which console it is played on.

X360: What are your main hopes and expectations for next-gen hardware, and what excites you most about the prospect of developing for it?

Cox: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!


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  1. ScionicSpectre

    It takes more than mere graphical detail to make something beautiful, and the Lord of Shadows saga is a clear example of that. While next-gen titles will undoubtedly cross that line of CG realism, it doesn’t dampen the beauty and grand scale of the world painted for us thus far in Lords of Shadow 2.

    I’ll probably have a next-gen console by the time this comes out, but I doubt it will be plugged in for the majority of March.

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