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DmC Devil May Cry: “We don’t want the series to die”

Ninja Theory hasn’t exactly had an easy ride since it revealed the new-look Dante that would take the spotlight in its forthcoming reboot. But Capcom’s supervising director and Devil May Cry veteran Hideaki Itsuno is pleased with what the studio has done, and explains why it outsourced one of its most cherished franchises in the first place.

“With DmC this time, we wanted to avoid the problem that befalls some series where you keep making it with the same team, same hardware, and it tends to decrease and fans move away from it,” he explains. “We wanted to avoid that. We don’t want the series to die.”

Us neither – DMC3 remains one of the best games ever made and it’d be a crying shame (no pun intended) to see one of gaming’s greatest action heroes retire. Well, unless he was retiring from Marvel Vs Capcom 3. We wouldn’t hate that at all. Still, Itsuno’s plan was to change the formula, and that meant getting new blood to work on the project.

“What we decided to do was to add new elements and look for a new developer,” he confirms. “Specifically a Western developer that could bring something new to the series, keep it fresh and maybe attract new fans as well.”

DmC Devil May Cry is out 15 January and we can’t stress enough how great a job the new team has done with it. We’ve finished it. It’s pretty bloody good. But if we tell you any more, we’ll get in all kinds of trouble and Capcom will probably set Phoenix Wright on us. We don’t want that. So we won’t say any more. Not yet, anyway. Watch this space, though…

7 comments on “DmC Devil May Cry: “We don’t want the series to die”

  1. Played the demo and I think it was amazing. Bit short and more actiony and the platformin was a bit more than nessecary but I think this will be a really good game

  2. Perfect Izanagi

    Out of all of the teams in the west that they could of gotten to do a ‘Western’ Devil May Cry, they got Ninja Theory? The same Ninja Theory who have made new consecutive flops because of poor controls and incredibly shallow and easy gameplay? The same Ninja Theory who’s writing staff is so poor at their jobs, they had to hire writers from outside of their company to come in and help, who ended up REWRITING the scripts for both Heavenly Sword AND Enslaved? The same Ninja Theory who had Sony and Namco Bandai cut all ties with them after they did terribly in making the first game they made for each publisher?

    Really? They really thought Ninja Theory were the people to make a ‘Western’ version of Devil May Cry, a game lauded for it’s incredibly well done gameplay and combat?

    Are Capcom trying to bankrupt themselves?

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  4. Massacred

    I seriously do not understand why, nearly every journalist gaming site has decided to brand anyone who dislikes something that a developer or publisher decides to push, either entitled or childish.
    At any rate, back to the subject at hand the new Devil May Cry title.
    While, the new look of Dante is purely aesthetic, it lies at the heart of a much larger problem. I believe at the core, the nuances, that the original fan base came to know and love from the pre-reboot series, have changed been enough, so that one could arguably no longer even call it a Devil May Cry game.
    Sure subtleties like the new hair color, re-design of the character, varied music choices, and new voice actors were annoying at first, but the fans could get over them if the rest of the game was well grounded in the series. The much larger problem lies in core changes; to the combat system, to the difficulty of the game, to the dropping frame rate etc. . .
    These changes, while certainly interesting ideas, really did not mesh well in the game series. It is because of this that I believe that many of the fans of the original series dislike the reboot.
    I would have been much more keen on seeing Ninja Theory create their own series (IP) with new characters, rather then attempt, yet fail miserably, at recreating pre-existing ones.
    Personally, after playing the demo, I decided that the game created no longer appeals to me, but of course, I am just one person.

  5. Mohsin

    Reboot made much less business than DMC3 (as expected) but overall game is good, new story, new character and new weapons…8.5/10. The only problem is length of gameplay. The game is very short and I was disappointed with that.

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