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The Witcher 3 – ‘No repeated quests’ promises CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most impressive looking games coming to Xbox One in 2015, but with its 50 hours of story and additional 50 hours of side quests we were concerned that repetition and dull fetch quests may end up dominating our time. We spoke to CD Projekt RED’s Community manager Marcin Momot and he assured us we have nothing to fear.

“We just don’t repeat quests. Everything is handcrafted and there’s no automatic quest generator in the studio (although some people in quest design/story departments could have a nickname like that). We try to make everything as unique as we can.”

If anything, that just makes us more impressed with what the Polish studio is putting together.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is launching 24 February 2015. You can read more about it in X-ONE 112 on sale now.


10 comments on “The Witcher 3 – ‘No repeated quests’ promises CD Projekt RED

  1. Mike Jones

    “we try to make everything as unique as we can”….well thanks i guess, but it sounds like you are already planning on having repeating quests,just trying to keep it to a minimum….soooooo what was the point of putting this statement out?

  2. FalloutWanderer2077

    WTF are you talking about bub? Where in this article did you come to that conclusion? This one or any floating out there matter of fact. I follow everything about this game,I’d know. I am not being arrogant or anything.

    I serious read up on EVERYTHING except major spoilers etc. I’m a member at their official forums so I’d come across something like this but I haven’t. Ye of little faith :)

    This game is their break out – make it or break it – game IMO. I say that because they have another RPG in the wings soon to release after Witcher 3. Cyberpunk 2077.

    I sincerely believe Witcher 3 will not only be CD Projekt RED’s best game to date but also a serious GOTY 2015 contender.

  3. Mike Jones

    im talking about words,which have meanings last i checked….if they really meant they would have NO repeating quests then they would have said so….instead they said what i quoted,which is a very open statement(assuming you know how to read)….i don’t know where your little rant is coming from,i never said the game was going to be bad or not be a goty contender,merely that i don’t understand the point of putting this statement out when it is clearly ambiguous….have a nice day :)

  4. Mike Jones

    simple,they said they were going to TRY to make everything unique,not actually make everything unique….im not faulting them for it as it would be very difficult to make every little side quest different,just don’t understand the point of releasing this statement,which i made clear in my original comment….have a nice day :)

  5. OldSocialist

    I love the smell of verbal nitpicking in the morning.

    “We don’t repeat quests…”

    Seems clear enough to me, with the quote you jumped on being about starting principles for the creative process.

  6. Mike Jones

    yeah crazy me for knowing words have meanings….shame on me….i guess if they throw in a fetch quest where you get a loaf of bread,one with a chicken,one with a hat etc….then they are not repeating quests and im just some asshole right? :)

  7. FalloutWanderer2077

    I think you might be latching onto what was said more than is needed. You are talking about semantics to be perfectly honest. They are saying they do everything in their ability to not have repeated quests. it is that simple really.

    They are not speaking gibberish they are stating it is a very important part of the game for them. to NOT repeat quest objectives and to make sure every little story and quest-line offers something the last one either didn’t or at the very least has a uniqueness to it.

    I never implied that you thought the game was going to be bad or GOTY contender (assuming you know how to read) ;)

    I was simply expressing my personal opinion and thoughts on the game,Nothing more,nothing less. Have a nice day/night as well.

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