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X360 Magazine back issues now half-price

You can get your hands on all of X360 Magazine’s back issues and as of right now, they’re all half price!

You know how it is, you’re perusing your shelf for that classic X360 Gears Of War review in your mint edition copy of X360 and what do you know, someone’s borrowed it! What do you do in that situation? Well, you head on over to the Imagine Shop and you get yourself a shiny new copy in mint condition.

In fact, while you at it, why not buy all of the back issues that you’re missing. Right now they are all HALF-PRICE, which is an absolute bargain. Don’t delay, complete your X360 collection today! Or, tomorrow, whenever is good for you, really.

Don’t forget, you can get your back issues of X360 Magazine (all half-price) from Imagine Shop.

Here’s some of our favourite front covers, which is yours?


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