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Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit review

Hell Yeah! is a game about bosses. Sure, there are regular enemies knocking about its Sonic/Metroid levels, but Hell Yeah! is perhaps best described as Monster Hunter 2D, at least in terms of what it asks of you.

Ash, your player-character, is both a rabbit and the Prince of Hell. The game’s short intro describes him being blackmailed, then taking on the quest to kill his blackmailer. And so follows a veritable ton of nicely designed levels, each containing a score of mini-bosses whose demise may be achieved either through brute force or the solving of some sort of puzzle.

Ash himself traverses Hell inside a spinning wheel, customisable to look like anything from lethal-looking circular saw to a delicious-looking doughnut. Well, he does for most of the time. Sometimes story or circumstance will force him to run about weaponless and naked, while other times he may have to board a spaceship and Hell Yeah! transforms itself into a frantic twin-stick shooter. For a bit.

Each boss Ash vanquishes unlocks the door to the next, and since these doors are scattered about the game’s open and increasingly labyrinthine levels, there’s a lot of backtracking in Hell Yeah! It’s innately Metroid-y.

But Hell Yeah! still manages to feel unique, partly thanks to the funny dialogue and partly thanks to all its wonderful sideshow distractions. There are casinos and shops in which to gamble your collected cash or spend it on new weapons, upgrades or any of literally dozens of items with which to customise the appearance of both Ash and his spinning wheel of death.

True, the content available on Xbox Live continues to improve, but even with the spate of excellent titles to hit the service over the last year or two, there are very few as good as Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit. Even the solid output of Twisted Pixel – Comic Jumper, ’Splosion Man – struggles to marry humour to compelling and lasting gameplay as successfully as exhibited here. In short, it’s brilliant, and there isn’t a single type of gamer to whom we wouldn’t recommend it. Buy it. Today. Like, right now.

Score: 8/10

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