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XBLA Review: Plants vs Zombies

You know that theory which goes that each of us is born with the memories, thoughts and actions of our ancestors locked deep within us? You know, the one that forms the central core of a thousand terrible novels? Well, its influence is practically certain so far as Popcap’s concerned.

Clearly, every member of its extensive development team must have had long distant relatives in the middle ages practising alchemy, such is the consistence with which the studio turns base gameplay connects into purest gold.

After all, Plants vs Zombies is merely a simplistic tower defence game, at heart. Pitting the player against hordes of brain-hungry undead, it offers a challenge every inch as addictive and infinitely more nuanced than their notable other time thief, Peggle.

Balanced carefully so as not to overwhelm, the array of weaponry bursting from virtual tool sheds steadily builds into a compendium that just keeps on revealing hidden nuances.

Through the almost total turnabout that occurs once sunlight (your currency) leaves play, or more manic minigames that play more like side-scrolling shooter than strategy epic, it’s difficult to imagine a Live Arcade title that offers gret value. Except perhaps N+, only this title leaves you less susceptible to mind-bending rage.

The cliché often goes that a videogame of true quality would possess features that endear it to fans outside of its chosen genre – a statement that’s pretty apt, in this instance.

Buy, kiss your life goodbye, then prepare to buy it again on PC, just as those around X360 towers already lucky enough to have tried this have sworn to do in reverse.

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  1. WAPOWWW! face hit.

    but WHY!!!???? please please explain to me HOW this is good??? i dont understand why everyone loves it like their newborn child!!!!

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