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Tomb Raider Definitive Edition review

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition might be the first Xbox 360 game to be granted a next-gen update, but it certainly won’t be the last – and we fear Square Enix has already set a dangerous precedent. While we relish the opportunity to return to one of the most wonderful action adventure games from the 360, the value of this package simply isn’t there to justify the price of entry.

Let’s recap: 2013’s Tomb Raider brought about the return of Lara Croft, gave her a new origin story and – more importantly – an opportunity to escape the mediocrity the archaeologists career had been languishing in for so long. In fact, it was such a rousing success, that we awarded Tomb Raider 9/10, citing it as “a near flawless example of how to reboot a franchise”.

18888So what’s the problem? The problem is that all of you lovely readers should have heeded our advice little under 12 months ago and played Tomb Raider to 100% completion already. If you’ve already picked this up for 360, there’s little reason to pick the Definitive Edition up, especially as it’s a full-price release.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – What’s New?

The changes are entirely cosmetic, and many of them are so subtle that only the most discerning eyes will ever notice them. Lara’s character model, for example, has been entirely rebuilt for Xbox One – though you’d only realise were you running a copy of the 360 version side-by-side.

Lara also took a trip to the hairdressers; adopting physics obedient bangs thanks to TressFX technology. Instead of a swinging lump, her hair has individually defined strands that react – in some regards – more realistically to the world around her. Though, truth be told, it has a tendency to look like wires are dangling precariously from her head, the TressFX tech does little to impress us here.

18880The touches are tiny; a small glimpse at what Crystal Dynamics is working towards on next-gen technology. The inclusion of pre-order only tombs and the multiplayer DLC does little to sell this package to any that have already bought in.

That said, if you didn’t play Tomb Raider the first time around – get your act together and sort it out. Tomb Raider is still that incredible nine out of ten experience, it’s still one of the best action adventure games that’ll you will find on the Xbox 360 – but there’s nothing here (worthwhile, at least) that separates Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition from previously released versions.

Final Thoughts

The only thing we can definitively say is that if publishers are going to begin overcharging for slight next-gen upgrades, then this is going to be one hell of a long generation.

Overall Score 7/10

15 comments on “Tomb Raider Definitive Edition review

  1. HalfBlackCanuck

    So, you skewed Metacritic because you’ve played this game already? Would it not made more sense to award it a 9/10 (which you agree, the game is still a 9/10 experience) with an aside that there is nothing new for people who played the last gen version?

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  3. Nintendosonyfan

    Bought this on my ps4 before I sold it recently, I was very disappointed. The ps4 version was supposed to be 60fps, my butt, try 40-50fps most times with stuttering and skipping. Such a powerful console and it can’t run a last gen port? What a joke. Glad I rid myself of my ps4, only wish I did it sooner.

  4. Allan

    Bullshit. The game isn’t even available until tomorrow. This is clearly an attempt to discredit what is being reported as a faster PS4 version of the game.

  5. Allan

    I played through the PC version. It’s safe to say that if you have a next gen console and have not played this game. Absolutely get it.

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  8. Mike Greenway

    This game costs a lot less then taking my wife out to a nice lunch, and I’ll get many time the hours of enjoyment. You can’t get much for $60 any more, One seat of 3DS Max cost $3697.99, If it is too expensive for you, don’t get it, but I figure, let these guys make some money so we get more Tomb raider games. I think this is a 9 of 10, and one of my favorites of all time. (and I have the PC game)

  9. Michael Norris

    Get the fuck out of here…all you do is troll about Ps4.How about you go play 30fps with dips to 18fps…go on. PS I own the game it plays damn good and really only drops when there is alot going on.

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