Hitman: Absolution Rumours

Hitman to become annual franchise?

Hitman to become annual franchise?Hitman Absolution seems to have gone down pretty well and off the back of this success, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Agent 47 in the not-so-distant future.

Speaking with OPM, game director Tore Blystad revealed that two separate studios are working on new Hitman titles – one is, of course, Io Interactive while the other is Square Enix’s new Montreal studio, making this the first time another studio has been allowed to touch Io’s precious Hitman IP.

“It’s like with Treyarch and Infinity Ward,” explained Blystad, reinforcing the idea that the franchise could be ready to go annual. “You have an IP that has been developed. They will feed off each other, as well as some things that stand out. I think with these big franchises it takes a long time to develop just one game. If you can, work a little bit in parallel at least and help each other out.”

He also suggested that Square Enix Montreal’s game could be a significantly different take on Agent 47′s usual sneaky antics, though hard facts are still thin on the ground. Given the timing of this revelation, it has been suggested that at least one of these projects is likely to be for next-gen platforms, so hopefully Square Enix will be ready to show something on either/both these games when E3 rolls around in June…

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    Absolution was awesome but yearly releases will just die the series down and make it boring. I DONT WANT TO GET BORED OF HITMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!