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Next-Gen Xbox: ‘I Want A Broader Gaming Platform’ – Human Head Dev

Microsoft is only a few weeks away from unveiling the ‘new generation’ and more and more rumours continue to surface causing controversy.

With so much focus on ‘always-on’, the next-gen tech and everything else that has the internet up in arms, little has been said about the (potential) games themselves.

Games matter, and supporting a range of titles, not just the triple-A releases will be more important than ever in the next generation.

Ted Halsted, Senior Level Designer and Narrative Designer at Human Head Studios wants to see Microsoft support a range of games on its new console…

“I come from a narrative background, and am fascinated by the marriage of game and story,” explained Halsted.

“There are so many angles to presenting compelling fiction in a game. It’s not just about cut-scenes. As a developer and as a gamer, I want to see the next Xbox as a much broader gaming platform. To this end, I’m hoping that we start with a broader price range of games – more cost tiers.”

It could be argued that Microsoft’s strategy when it comes to games has been less about enticing new titles of late, and more about providing new ways of watching TV.

Indie games, XBLA titles have become less and less prevalent as the generation has gone one, but Halsted believes that the secret lies with this range experiences.

“[It] will un-stick the floodgates for creative games of a high quality that are A to AA to AA-plus – games that small to medium developers and publishers can afford to execute at high quality levels. Feature focused games with unique hooks and stories that game developers and storytellers can pour their passions into.”

“Everyone wins because gamers get more games to choose from, and pay a fraction of mega-budget AAA to try a new experience.

“Developers get to make games they are passionate about. This is what keeps us working long hours: bringing something crafted and elegant that we believe in into the light.”

“I hope and expect that we will see many more games for sale at a lower cost to consumers. I want to see high-quality A, AA, and AA+ games that are the right scale for what they do with gameplay and story.”

“If the 720 is going to be the platform for the next ten year – THE home console/platform/service/ family centre etc. – then everyone from developers to publishers to gamers will benefit from a range of lower-than-AAA games and prices.”


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  1. Snowman

    Can’t wait until they show the form of the nextbox and I don’t have to see that hideous concept art ever again.

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