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3 Things The 360 Dashboard Will Never Do


But I want to watch my pirated films… I mean my backed up films… damn it!

You may have heard recently that a new 360 dashboard update is in the works and it may, just may, bring USB memory support with it. A nice addition in anyone’s books and one gamers with the tiny 20 gb hard drives will likely thank their lucky stars for, but what about the rest? Sure, we’ve got Facebook and Twitter, but Microsoft could do so much more, here’s what we think…


1) Web browser support

This is never going to happen, why would Microsoft give the 360 a web browser when the world is filled with PC’s all running Windows. Microsoft are keen on keeping the 360 a games and film featured device, so get used to looking at websites on your PC.


2) BBC iPlayer

There’s a very good reason the iPlayer will never hit the 360 and it’s not because there’s a conspiricy to keep it exclusive to the PS3. It’s all down to the licence fee and charge Microsoft has on exclusive content on Live. Untill an agreement can be arranged where everyone has access to iPlayer on Live neither Microsoft or the BBC will budge.


3) Use the Hard drive for anything you want

There’s a bit of a strangle hold on the sort of content the 360 hard drive recognises at the moment. This may change with the new update but as it stands moving content around is highly restricted, mainly due to the fact that the big M doesn’t want you sharing out your XBLA games among your mates. Somethings will just never change.

What else could the dashboard do that it doesn’t already? Let us know what you think…

5 comments on “3 Things The 360 Dashboard Will Never Do

  1. What about clan support. They keep saying we will get the ability for clan support and potentially the opportunity to launch clan games right into specific playlists for clans on games from the dash but we never seem to get it.

    Well maybe now Halo 2 is gone we will, but…well it would be cool mainly just for a big party ..maybe it will come with Halo Reach?

    I dont really care about clans anymore, but the idea of me having a big party of say 8+ players on the dashboard chatting and then being given the opportunity for the party leader to launch us all into matchmaking so we can find a BTB or something like that would be superb.

    No more making squads on Bad Company 2, just go from the dash with your clan/squad right into matchmaking…


  2. Bomby

    Why is everyone so desperate for the 360 to jump ship and copy what other consols have done? microsoft should invent something better for us.

  3. DarkViper84

    I agree with Bomby, I dont think the 360 is good the way it is…at the end of the day its a games console with added media center functionality I say keep adding on what is already there to or inventing new things just for the 360, Why are people so insistant on console doing what PCs already do, PCs will always do all the other stuff better so why bother trying to copy it.

    The USB Harddisk support for example is an excellent additon to store all digital contaent ect, but if the web browser on the PS3 is anything to go buy it would be and awfull addition!

    watching pirated films? get a job you scurvy pirate! and pay for things like the rest of us ;)

    BBC iplayer maybe a good edition buy I have a TV which my 360 is plugged into and a PC lol

    just my opinion ofc

  4. DarkViper84

    just realsed my first sentance should of said “I agree with Bomby, I think the 360 is good the way it is…” sorry!

  5. david

    TBH there are only really 3 things I use my PC for, the internet, organising files and microsoft office. support for office on consoles is never going to happen, but if consoles were able to organise files and folders on external storage and if they had an internet browser, or one that worked just as well as a PC in the case of PS3, I would hardly use my PC. Frankly I’d love it if consoles could do so since they can load quicker on startup.

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