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Destiny: Bungie ‘sensitive to the average’ Halo & Call Of Duty player’s impatience

Destiny is attempting something entirely new in the console space.

Though the concept of a ‘shared world shooter’ or MMO might not be entirely foreign to many PC gamers out there, console players have been restricted by the technology of the day.

And making an MMO work on a console hasn’t really been possible. With the added processing power and insane numbers of servers of the Xbox One, Bungie’s vision for Destiny can finally been realized.

But that comes at a cost. What if console players, those used to jumping straight into the action with Call Of Duty or Halo, misunderstand exactly what Destiny is and what it’s trying to do?

Speaking in an exclusive interview at E3, we spoke to Bungie’s President Harold Ryan to ask if that’s something the studio considered while developing Destiny…

Do you think it’s going to be difficult for people who have played more console games to get used to this kind of MMO PC game style?

“We’re definitely very sensitive to the average, let’s call them, Halo player, COD player, even players of Oblivion and games like that.”

“We know they’re not very patient and they want an action game, and the first thing Destiny is is an action game. And so everything on top of it is a rich and deep plus, but if you want a great action game experience, you can pick up Destiny and play through a great action game.”

“You’re going to be presented with so many opportunities to progress your character, to care about how you look and how you customise yourself, and who you play with and how you play with them, but ultimately it’s a game we’re very focused on designing for people who just love to play the current generation of online shooters.”

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