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GTA V Will “Break all records” Says Pachter


We all know Rockstar’s GTA V is going to be a huge deal whenever it gets released. That much is certain. But just how big is open for debate.

In an industry that sees Call Of Duty breaking records ever single year, can GTA V make the same sort of splash that previous entries in the series have always guaranteed?

We speak to the industry to find out what the general consensus is…

Michael Pachter: “The number 25 million is mind-boggling [in reference to COD]. I suppose that the point is that GTA was the third-party record-holder before, and the installed base of Xbox 360 and PS3 is bigger than it was on PS2 when San Andreas [was released]. If the Rockstar guys continue to improve the series, as they have consistently done, the game should be well-positioned to break all records.”

Andrew McIlwain: “Absolutely. The GTA series has a strong track record, and there’s no real competitor to GTA in the genre. Saints Row is close, but is a very different gaming experience.”

Richard Wilson: “GTA V will draw attention to the fact that the UK video games industry – with the right support – could make a significant contribution to economic growth. At TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, we have campaigned for better R&D tax credits, a Creative Content Fund and measures to help small studios invest in training. The Government has an opportunity to help more studios become the next ‘Rockstars’ and to create the next wave of ‘GTAs’.

Jesse Divnich: “GTA V will undoubtedly outsell its predecessor. The install base has doubled since 2008, and given the strong attach rates for GTA IV, it is safe to assume that GTA V has a chance to set new industry records.”

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