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Infinity Ward Speaks Out Over Zombies


No Zombies Please, We’re Infinity Ward

At the recent LA event where Infinity Ward finally got around to showing off some multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2, we caught up with lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman to ask one very simple question: what exactly do you think about the zombies in World At War? A slightly provocative question given the history between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, granted. But one we felt deserved at least half an answer, and we suppose that’s sort of what we got.

“It depends on what it is. For us it didn’t fit in our game. We have Spec Ops which is our off-the-storyline path, but it’s just not our bag really. We like to keep it consistent and in the same universe, not to say that we wouldn’t do something like that in the future, but for what we are doing right now it’s just not something we’d do. We want everything to… like things we do in multiplayer contribute to things we put in the single-player, which contribute to things we put into multiplayer, which contributes to things we put in Spec Ops. If you have ray-guns and teleporters it’s not going to help.”


There you have it: zombies just aren’t Infinity Ward’s ‘bag’. Not quite what we were looking for but we highly doubt we’d ever see zombies in Modern Warfare 2. Then again, stranger things have happened.

4 comments on “Infinity Ward Speaks Out Over Zombies

  1. Thomas G. Kurcit

    Actually, I believe Infinity Ward is totally missing the grand slam. To tell the truth, I do like Infinity Ward a bit more than Treyarch but the one mode I enjoy the most is the Nazi Zombies/Zombies feature that Treyarch provides. I get tired of multiplayer, and zombies is just addicting as shit. But the thing is Treyarch is not able to graphically fulfill the shit Infinity Ward can. If Infinity Ward could pursue the zombies mode, and create a map/plot that pertains to modern times and conflict, with recent/modern weapons, and terrorist based zombies. It would blow any Call Of Duty mode out of the fucking water. I’m sure many of you agree. And hopefully Infinity Ward considers such an idea. If not…fuck, and damn there Modern Warfare series to hell. Goodbye.

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