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Medal of Honor vs Call of Duty: The Last 5 Entries

Medal of Honor. Call of Duty.  Both are gigantic franchises, award winners and record breakers. They even share a common history, with the original Call of Duty being made by some of the same developers that had produced Medal of Honor Allied Assault for EA.

Now, with Black Ops close to release and Medal of Honor flashbanging store shelves everywhere to the tune of 1.5 million first week sales, the time is right to pit these giants against each other. The scores in brackets are the Metacritic scores for the Xbox versions of the games: where there is no applicable data the PS2 version has been used. Let’s get it on!

Medal of Honor: Frontline (81/100) Call of Duty 2 (89/100)

A bonus inclusion in the PS3 (boo, hiss etc) version of the new Medal of Honor, Frontline is one of the high points of the MOH series on consoles. An early PS2 release, Frontline’s recreation of that beach assault was a revelation at the time, and the game as a whole was an excellent title in its day.

The same is true of COD 2: developed by Infinity Ward, it was probably the best of the 360’s launch titles. That said lineup wasn’t brilliant doesn’t matter: COD 2 still stands up today.

X360 Prefers: Has to be COD 2: Frontline hasn’t aged well at all, and Captain Price’s moustache holds formidable sway.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (68/100)                             Call of Duty 3 (83/100)

Neither game could match the successes of its forbearer in terms of critical reception, but COD 3 made the transition to new developers Treyarch well enough to not be considered a disaster. Rising Sun on the other hand was a total mess.

X360 Prefers: COD 3, without a shadow of a doubt.

Medal of Honor: European Assault (73/100)     Call of Duty 4 (94/100)

Whereas EA was still creating shooters set in the increasingly-tired World War II era, Infinity Ward (which had made its name by doing that exact same thing better than EA) was looking to the present for a more modern approximation of war.

European Assault is clearly better than Rising Sun, but there was no way it was going to compete with Modern Warfare’s combination of  smart and slick single-player and crack-level addictiveness of multiplayer.

X360 Prefers: Modern Warfare. No question.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard     (63/100)            Call of Duty: World at War (84/100)

By 2007 the WWII setting was beyond tired, and Vanguard (a Wii and PS2-only release) paid the price with critics for refusing to change. Critics cited its rehashed theme, setting and short length as major problems, and Vanguard fell by the wayside. 2008 saw Treyarch also releasing a World War II-themed FPS, and although World at War was criticised for the setting it had enough fresh features (four-player co-op, that online mode) to see it through.

X360 Prefers: World at War is simply a much better game.

Medal of Honor Airborne (73/100)            Modern Warfare 2 (94/100)

Airborne was the last of the next-gen entries in the series to be set in WWII, and for good reason: it just couldn’t compete anymore. The  parachute mechanic that enables you to choose your entry point to the mission is interesting (even if it was also in Vanguard), and the game isn’t bad on the whole. But times had changed and it was obvious EA needed to rethink its direction, leading to a two-year hiatus for the series.

As for Modern Warfare 2, well, need we even say anything?

X360 Prefers: Can you guess?

9 comments on “Medal of Honor vs Call of Duty: The Last 5 Entries

  1. Oh, yay! Some CoD fanboys. Seriously, Airborne was awesome and MW2 was better? Um, everybody these days HATES MW2 and for good reason. Kotick must be smiling that you can be bribed so easily be a sack of $500.

    Fanboy fucks.

  2. bomby


    lol at medal of honour fanboy yelling at call of duty fans for being fanboys.

    opinions exist, deal with it.

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  4. JohnDoe

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is still better than all other World War Two games. Good choice in not including it, Activision might have stopped bribing you if you had given Medal of Honor even one win. Though, you could have lied. Though then we would all know you were full of poo poo.

  5. Ben

    Yeah, there’s opinions, but this was clearly biased. To give COD 5/5 wins and not give MOH even a shot at winning is clearly showing that. They are both huge franchises, as said earlier. If MOH was truly this bad, it wouldn’t be huge would it?

  6. Ian

    Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Spearhead, and Breakthrough were all infinitely more great of games when compared to any call of duty of medal of honor games. The problem I have with this list is that the games done match up in years. Frontline came out in 2002 and Call of Duty 2 came out in 2005. They had 3 years to watch, and improve on the what made MOH:F a very good game. If the two came out the same year then COD 2 would not be as shiny. And MOH would in this comparison have won. But everywhere else it did win and not here. Medal of Honor Vanguard vs World at War…As much as with every fiber of my being HATED that stupid freaking game because of the MP-40, tanks, weapon imbalance, the need for stopping power on almost ever gun except the MP-40 and the mods in the servers now. WAW is better then vangard because it was released for WII and handheld. Medal of Honor Airborne was a VASTLY more solid game. The campaign was awsome and the multiplayer could have been better. No one played it because everyone apparently like getting there tiny balls nuked off and killed by javelin glitches, lame riot shields, UMP-45 and boosting to see that MW2 was weak because they did not have proper beta testing. The Medal of Honor European Assault vs Call of Duty 4 comparison, like with Frontline vs COD 2 is unfair because the games were years apart. And European assault was in the age before large scale online gaming for the consoles. It was probably the last well known shooter for the consoles before online capability. Plus Call of Duty 4 is the Medal of Honor Allied Assault of the franchise nothing before or since in the franchise can compete. And look at what is happening to COD? They are becoming weak and churning out half baked games annually. That is what killed MOH after the release of Rising Sun.

  7. silas

    I’m sorry, european assault came out in 05 and modern warfare came out in 07. you can’t compare those two games. if anything, european assault should be compared with cod3- even cod3 came out a year later

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