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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Won’t Be Completely Open From The Start, Has An “Expanding City”

It’s easy enough to get excited about Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. It’s without question one of the most exciting games coming to Xbox One in 2016, with DICE doing everything it can to ensure that every issue raised against the 2008 original are nowhere to be found.

One of the biggest problems with Mirror’s Edge was of course down to its linearity and loading times, something that DICE is eradicating for this series reboot as it goes open world. Well, sort of.

X-ONE recently sat down with Catalyst’s senior producer Sara Jansson, who revealed that the game won’t, in fact, be completely open from the beginning of the campaign, like we had previously assumed. Instead, the City Of Glass will begin to expand as you complete story missions and unlock new gadgets

“It’s an expanding city that will open up more and more as you move through the story,” begins Jansson. “[A] critique of the first game was that it was a little bit too difficult for a lot of people or a bit too frustrating, and we believe that just throwing players into a huge city to do what they want would have been a little intimidating, especially as our gameplay is pretty different from many other games.”

It makes sense, first-person parkour isn’t a gameplay style we get to try that often. Having an entire sprawling city unlocked from the beginning would be pretty overwhelming – but it might also have been pretty awesome.

Either way, we’ve had a chance to sit down with the game, and let us tell you, it feels great to navigate the space in first-person. With the refinements to the momentum and movement systems, changes to combat and Runner Vision, Catalyst is coming together better than we ever imagined.

For more of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, stay tuned to X-ONE in the coming weeks.

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