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Modern Warfare Spinoff?


We know, it’s another Modern Warfare 2 blog post. We’re getting sick of them too…

Warning contains spoilers!!!

At the recent launch event in London, voice actor Craig Fairbrass, who voices Sergeant Riley aka ‘Ghost’, unwittingly revealed that Infinity Ward could possibly be working on a spin-off series focusing on his character. This all hearsay at the moment, as a number of websites are reporting the news, but it’s one of those little nuggets that just makes you think that it’s probably true.

If you don’t know which character Ghost is, he’s the one with a skull on his face who gets burned in a ditch with you around three quarters of the way through the game, so that’s nice. A spin-off for the series is hardly surprising and something that should be expected. As long as Infinity Ward keeps a hand in proceedings, we should see another quality FPS hit the shelves.

Modern Warfare spin-off: good idea or bad?

3 comments on “Modern Warfare Spinoff?

  1. Moozo

    I don’t think I really care. The character development was so poor in that game that I’m not bothered about him.

  2. m1a1

    Character development definitely takes second place to frenetic action set pieces in MW2, but if Infinity Ward produce it, I’ll definitely think about buying it. I don’t mind if they put out a new one every year, as long as there’s progression in the series- and a longer solo campaign would be nice. Having said that, it only takes one product that feels played out and underdone to tarnish a series- I’m looking at you, Treyarch.

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