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More Avatar Tat Up!

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Fresh up on Marketplace is another slew of avatar offerings, this time from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II and Activision’s DJ Hero. For the former, there are a range of appropriate cloaks and masks, besides the complete Da Vinvi flying machine, should you wish to look a bit of a ponce, but slightly intelligent with it. On the other hand there are two different kinds of decks, should you feel so inclined. Does anyone out there really buy this stuff? Ho hum…

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2 comments on “More Avatar Tat Up!

  1. Badgerbiscuit

    I would never pay for any of this pap, however was pleased to see that upon downloading the Halo Waypoint thingy from Live it gave me certain avatar items for free because of achievements I got in ODST. Hopefully more games will do this.

  2. Patrick - DrunkenBulletss

    I don’t spend my hard earned money on making my avatar look like Neil Armstrong or even obi wann from star wars, the price is also ludicrous. Personally, i think that anyone who buys this nonsence should be victims of cheap brain surgery.

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