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Next-Gen: Console ‘Cycle May Become Irrelevant’ Says Pachter

The next-gen countdown is seriously on now with many pointing to the end of May as the time when Microsoft is potentially set to finally reveal what it has in store for the next generation of consoles.

Rumours and speculation are rife, but as we creep closer, it is easier to get a good idea what’s actually in store.

Sony’s early-ish reveal of the PS4 has helped with this but until Microsoft reveals its hand we still have no idea how the next-gen showdown will go.

Always-on, backwards compatibility, two different SKUs (one actually being more of a set-top box); the potential for the Xbox brand is enormous.

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter believes the next-gen of consoles will become much more like TVs or, dare we say it PCs, with users adding to them incrementally over time as and when they want, effectively doing away of the traditional console cycle…

“I think console hardware is going to become more analogous to televisions, where incremental changes are more frequent, but frame breaking changes happen only every decade or so.”

“That suggests to me that we will continue to play console games, but that the ‘cycle’ may become irrelevant, with people upgrading for other features, much as we have done with televisions.”

“I think that the future of games is bright; the demographic expands every year, as formats like mobile and social bring new gamers into the market every year.”

“Even if this is the last major iteration for hardware, I think console gaming is destined to continue growing, at least at the rate of GDP growth, if not slightly more.”

On The Next Xbox…

“I think the next Xbox will be positioned as a multimedia device, with built-in TV tuner and router that will eliminate the need for cable TV boxes.  I expect it to be subsidized by cable providers, and think it will set records for initial sales. The PS4 will probably catch up over time, but may start out as just a gaming console, although Sony has been adding multimedia features with every new console.”

“I think that Sony might make a near fatal mistake if it chooses to block used games, tilting the playing field sharply in Microsoft’s favour; I hope Microsoft doesn’t waste this opportunity to show how gamer friendly it is by advertising that the new Xbox will play used games.”

If you read about videogames then you’ve probably heard of Research Analyst, Michael Pachter.

He is one of the most prominent voices in the industry and as an analyst for investment banking company Wedbush Morgan Securities; he is the author of countlessly quoted publisher reports and host of his own show, Pach Attack.


2 comments on “Next-Gen: Console ‘Cycle May Become Irrelevant’ Says Pachter

  1. Holyfire

    There’s a video pn youtube literally proving Pachter is wrong the majprity of the time. And in some of the cases he’s only predicting the blatantly obvious.
    I think Microsoft have already declared about their stance toward cable services. Pachter is an echo, not an analyst in this case.
    He’s gotta be the worst in his profession, and should never be paid any attention to
    He is also highly renowned for pulling 180s on many of his predictions. He’s boasted on PS4 and its potential dominance in the past, now he’s declaring it as the catch-up system to 720.
    Stop reporting on this guy. He needs to lose his job

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