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Next-Gen Xbox Reveal: Pachter – ‘We’ll Get The Same Thing We Got At The Sony Event’

Microsoft’s ‘new generation’ Xbox is only a few weeks from its reveal, but what can we really expect to see at the May 21st event?

Sony’s PS4 reveal certainly laid down the gauntlet for the next-gen consoles, but with so many criticizing the lack of an actual machine getting shown, should we expect Microsoft to pull more out of the bag?

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter isn’t quite so optimistic in terms of what software Microsoft will be willing to show off at the event, but he does think we’ll see the console itself.

In fact, he believes we’ll get a next-gen Xbox reveal that’s pretty much the same as what we saw at Sony’s PS4 event, just with Microsoft’s new machine at the forefront.

“I’m sure we will get the same thing we got at the Sony event, but we’ll probably see an actual box at this one,” explained Pachter.

“I also expect that there will be at least one woman involved in the presentation ;-)” joked Pachter in reference to the complete lack of woman at Sony’s PS4 event.

Microsoft’s event is scheduled for May 21st at 6pm GMT and you’ll be able to stream the event live over Xbox Live.


7 comments on “Next-Gen Xbox Reveal: Pachter – ‘We’ll Get The Same Thing We Got At The Sony Event’

  1. doug

    They will show the controller, they will show the console, someone will ask “how much is it” and a price will be named, but the shock, oh boy the shock that will take everyone by surprise will be when the question is asked “when does it come out?” and the answer will be “today”.

    Enjoy the tip.

  2. PatcherStation

    The PS4 showcase was a bit poor, so I can’t see how Microsoft won’t be able to better it. Got a feeling that the Xbox 720 will have more to it, more so more games, not forgetting Kinect 2. The PS4 showcase was rushed, that stuck out like a sort thumb. Can’t say I read every gaming website, but most of them licked the PS4 showcase. Patcher doesn’t make much sense these days, but I suppose writing off the Wii U, even I knew it wouldn’t make an impact. Nintendo’s biggest problem will the Xbox 720 and PS4 when they’re soon launched. My money is on the Xbox 720 for next gen, but that might change after the Xbox 720 showcase, but saying that, there’s nothing much out there when it comes to the PS4 (for the moment). Launch wise, I never buy into consoles at launch.

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  4. o0RECON0o

    I think we will finally hear about the new system not only being backward compatible, but the old games being vastly upscaled and new features unlocked when played on the 720. I think we will see the combining of technology together, the new kinect to cooperate with the new controller and a new 3D headset (optional use) for immersive true 3D gaming. I think will will see a new virtual dash for the avatar to roam instead of menus. I see a true open world expanded by all developers that is not only social and a game into itself, but a world that leads you into each purchased game. I see games with us in them. Say for instance, gears of war with not only your head on the character, but your torso movement as well. I see the ability to make phone call by inputing your cell number. I see custom making a pizza through the dash and placing the order for it to be delivered, I see a network where not only can we play live game shows like we did this gen, but where we participate in talk shows etc. I see a monster of a console to end all consoles wars for good, I see social chat rooms with many great features. I see everything much improved, including a live on demand improvement of preordering games before release for auto download on release date should you prefer to download your games. XBOX is going to be in a great position this generation, there will be NO competition this time. sonys last gen. I also expect Apple to jump in at e3. Then will will see true battle of wits in the gaming industry.

  5. fred

    ““I also expect that there will be at least one woman involved in the presentation ;-)” and that sum up xbox . only way to sell is use girls as bate to the greeks. feb ps meeting wasnt the reveal it was quick preak preview

  6. PatcherStation

    I can’t see Sony having anything better than Kinect 2, but they may bring something out (for the PS4) to better it in the future. Kinect 2 will be the foundations of the Xbox 720. The Wii U will end up being a budget console like the Wii which did outsell the Xbox 360 and PS3, but I just can’t see the Wii U making an impact anyway. The battle will be between the Xbox 720 and PS4. As for Apple, I’ve always said they’ll come along with a console, but no way will it be disc based. If that happens and it takes off, either Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony will ditch consoles because there’s no way 4 consoles can survive, not forgetting handheld consoles being in there. Nintendo’s consoles are always under powered, gaming needs powerful consoles now. Unless Nintendo changes its tune with it’s next console, it might end up going software only like SEGA. And it might end up getting with Apple. Stranger things have happened in gaming.

  7. o0RECON0o

    sonys show was done in fear of what they will have to contend against with Microsoft. Nintendo probably will eventually go software only. Could make more money selling software to all console instead of just there own. then they could make better games for consoles that have a lot more power.

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