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Pachter: ‘Most Publishers Would Choose To Own Call Of Duty Over GTA’

GTA and Call Of Duty are two of the biggest names in gaming.

Both make a tremendous amount of money, achieve critical acclaim (for the most part) and have huge followings, but industry analyst Michael Pachter believes, given the choice, most publishers would choose to own CoD over GTA.

We spoke to Pachter recently regarding the proliferation of yearly sequels.

With so many franchises shifting to a yearly release schedule, we wanted to find out what kinds of effects this could have on the industry and whether or not yearly sequels were a healthy business model.

“Annual sports games have always made sense,” explained Pacther.

“I was always sceptical about annual franchises for other genres, but Call of Duty proved me wrong.  I suppose that if a publisher can manage to release annual titles, gamers are given more choice.”

“For example, I liked the first two Assassin’s Creed games, didn’t like the next two, and loved the fifth. However, someone getting a console now for the first time (think of 14 year-olds) might want to play one or more of the old ones, and annual installments give [them] more choice.”

“CoD is 5X as profitable”

So it comes down to the type of franchise, its genre and gameplay, and whether or not its style is predisposed to burn-out players and help them along the road to indifference.

“Obviously, there should be some concern with franchise fatigue, but I think most publishers would choose to own Call of Duty instead of Grand Theft Auto, since the former is 5x as profitable as the latter,” continued Pachter.

“If CoD burns out the brand, it will happen after Activision has 125 million units of sales behind it.  GTA is probably at around 125 million units as well, but has been out a lot longer.”

“I suppose the answer to your question is that the returns of annual franchises are actually superior, but they do tend to saturate the market and leave little room for innovation from others, as others are reticent to launch in the “Call of Duty window”.”

It’s a tricky question then and one that really comes down to personal choice. Do you enjoy yearly sequels, happy in the knowledge that you might eventually tire of it, or, do you prefer sequels that only come out every few years but are worth the wait?

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2 comments on “Pachter: ‘Most Publishers Would Choose To Own Call Of Duty Over GTA’

  1. anger

    what the hell are u talking about?
    GTA is full of new surprises
    but cod has not change since it was created,it has the same fucking formula which still works….
    and the multiplayer of the game is full of fuking nobbs
    and cod comes every fucking single year so of course it has more fucking saleee:@
    do not dare to question GTA:@

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