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R.U.S.E. getting Kinect?

Christmas, for us starts on 17 September, the launch day of this year’s most anticipated 360 World War II real-time strategy game. We’re talking about R.U.S.E. of course and while you’re peering into oblivion in an effort to count up all the other WWII RTS games the 360 has had this year, know that we have had extensive playtime with this Ubisoft release and we’re genuinely excited about it. The only thing that disappoints us as we stare enviously across the chasm between formats is that the PS3 is getting its greasy motion-detecting mitts all over it. And there’s no sign of a Kinect/R.U.S.E. ruseupdate yet.

So why should R.U.S.E. get Kinect? It’s not to make up for a badly-implemented conventional control system anyway. A combination of interface features, unit balancing and context-sensitive commands mean the 360 pad is a perfectly suitable peripheral. But if you zoom out to the battlemap view in the war room, using your hands to move pieces across the board seems an ideal method of interacting with the game. Perhaps a Kinect update is something Ubisoft will consider in the future?

2 comments on “R.U.S.E. getting Kinect?

  1. andrew

    Eh maybe because they never showed anything like this in the E3 2009 unveiling of Natal. If they had the nerve to show off something ridiculous like it recognizing your voice in a quiz game, (and voice recognition has not been shown this year, only word recognition) and that bull crap of scanning in peripherals, then of course it isn’t capable of something they didn’t even attempt to fake.
    The difference with Move , and I don’t think you remember this, is that at the unveiling of it at E3 2009, Sony actually demonstrated it working with yet another real game genre. Go to the 4:33 mark on this video.
    That is why Move is being integrated in R.U.S.E and why this whole stupid mysterious titled article “R.U.S.E. getting Kinect?” is bull crap. Oooh the ? makes it interesting. This isn’t even news just lazy speculative crap.

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