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Shenmue 3 voted Xbox One’s most wanted game

In a recent poll conducted by X-ONE Magazine asking people what unannounced game they most wanted on Xbox One, legendary Sega RPG Shenmue rocked the competition capturing an incredible 47% of the vote.

Supported on Twitter by Shenmue fans worldwide, and galvanised by the #SaveShenmue campaign, the much demanded, but long lost sequel to Shenmue garnered massive support online, beating the likes of Elder Scrolls, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout and Half-Life in the poll.

At the final count Shenmue received an incredible 47.19% of the overall vote. It’s closest original Xbox competitor was Timesplitters with only 2% of votes cast.

Here’s some messages from fans posted to @XONE_Magazine on Twitter:



See more reaction to the Shenmue voting and find out which Xbox 360 games fans most want a sequel to on Xbox One in X-ONE issue 109 on sale 19 March.

16 comments on “Shenmue 3 voted Xbox One’s most wanted game

  1. Andrei Tsai

    I totally agree with that, and I think that console sales increase greatly if the game will be released on xb1

  2. David Brown

    Thank you for not lying, like the Playstation magazine did, lol. It’s Shenmue fever recently, and the only cure is more Shenmue!

  3. Jeffrey Elstone

    Thank you all so much for this. You kept your word, and have won over some of the doubters out there. Much love and respect to you, the magazine and your whole staff. <3

  4. Michael

    I do not currently own a current gen console but what ever platform if any this lands on will be an immediate pre-order from me.

  5. Andrés

    Shenmue 3 voted Xbox one’s most wanted game, Shenmue 3 voted Playstation 4 most wanted game ( alongside with yakuza) and in the end we won’t see Shenmue 3 on neither platform, such a sad world.

  6. Bertie Wiseman

    Shenmue is something else gaming wise, only game or one of few games that captures the harts of people that play it, and game that has real soul and amazing sound track and emotional story and world with most like minded characters you could find.

  7. Farty Fartsalot

    “Shenmue” is a classic.
    I’d like to see the third come out but that’s about as likely as “Half Life 3.”


    how do you work that out Shenmue is a perfect fit for xbox actually only a sony troll would say otherwise and using the xbone bad spelling suggests you are a sony troll in which case going on an xbox site to troll is extremely sad

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