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Top 50 gaming moments list snubs Xbox?

NowGamer has just posted an epic list of the 50 greatest gaming moments of all time. There are detailed descriptions and video footage of every single moment, and as a whole it’s a really cool piece.

But being an Xbox magazine we couldn’t help noticing that there are just two moments from Xbox exclusive games, the highest of which ranks way down at #37.

How can this be? Does the Xbox just not have that many top-notch exclusive titles? Have some great Xbox moments gone unnoticed on this list? Is there really nothing better on the Xbox than Zeus’ betrayal of Kratos in PlayStation-exclusive God Of War II?

NowGamer thinks so. If you’re an Xbox fan, we’re sure you’ll have something to say about this, so head over to NowGamer, check out the whole list – we’re sure you’ll see many of your own favourite moments in there – and let the NowGamer team know what you think.

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