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What’s the fuss about Forza 3 Ultimate?

Microsoft and Turn 10 studios recently revealed the details of the Forza 3 Ultimate Edition, which includes details of the exciting new Top Gear partnership (Stig’s garage), plus:

  • Ultimate Collection combines the original Forza 3 disc content with all previously released car and track Add-on Packs.
  • 500 cars total, including 10 cars that will only be found via Ultimate Collection.
  • Three of those 10 cars will be downloadable via a content card packed in with the game. Known as “Stig’s Garage Car Pack” the trio of cars include the Lexus LFA, the Koeniggsegg CCX, and the Mercedes-Benz SLS-AMG.
  • In addition to Stig’s Garage, we’ll be offering a free 90-minute Top Gear feature video for download, as well as an exclusive Xbox LIVE premium Top Gear theme.
  • The game will be on store shelves in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany in late October, and appearing elsewhere in the coming months.

Now if you haven’t already, pay attention to the text in bold above – this is what the hardcore minority are taking issue with on the Turn 10 Studios official blog, and I can’t understand what they’re kicking off about. Sure, at the moment Turn 10 is offering most of the same content available in Forza 3 for a premium price, but there’s a simple money-saving solution Forza 3 players can employ here: don’t buy it. It’s a package offered to attract more casual gamers and Turn 10 is perfectly entitled to yoke this market without constant pandering to the hardcore fanbase. Let’s face it, this is going to pop up as DLC at some point in the future anyway, is the knowledge that someone, somewhere is driving a vehicle in Forza 3 that you don’t have access to really that painful?

As for Turn 10’s lack of response… well, their hands are probably tied as far as announcing anything for standard edition Forza 3 owners. And anyway, who can blame them for staying schtum when current comments range from the insulting “I realy (sic) wonder what the T10 community manager is doing all day long. He should pull his finger out of his rear end and comment the decisions of that bunch of chimps that are responsble (sic) for these stupid marketing strategies,” to the plain ridiculous, “WOW !!! does this mean i can get a refund for all the DLC i got already.

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  1. Hull

    Hi there,
    I agree to a certain extent with what you’re saying, this ultimate pack doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me. However what is really infuriating is the fact that the forza community has been waiting for more than 6 months for a car pack “Jalopnik car pack” that the fans were asked to vote for, it was supposed to come out this summer, it didn’t, we’ve had no news what so ever about it and when reading through the 10 cars included in the ultimate edition, 3 of them were voted for in the Jalopnik pack. Does this mean that Jalopnik is to come ? Or does it put the final nail in the coffin of the single customer voted content pack ever ?
    That is what the problem is from my point of view and from that of a great deal of fans. However all comments concerning Jalopnik car pack on the Forza website are deleted almost immediately.

    All the best,

  2. Marc

    The problem is people are upset when they bought the limited edition for the VIP status and this is a kick in the face to us VIPs because it will not be accessible to use via dlc. Only if you fork out the bones to get the ultimate Ed which is unacceptable having already bought the limited edition and forked out for all the dlc. We may be minority hardcore but it’s still not fair and in the end, the hardcore is what will keep this game alive, or now and future installments.

    However i agree many of their comments are totally uncalled for.

  3. Neville

    Could you explain whats ridiculous about having a refund on DLC content when the ULTIMATE EDITION has that very same.Surely if you purchase the game you are paying twice for that content.

  4. Neville

    As for the hardcore minority to be the ones kicking off,these are the guys and girls that probably bought the Collectors Edition for VIP Status which in T10 words gave you access to EXCLUSIVE content.These are also the gamers that spend hours even days painting and tuning cars that makes Forza what it is, so yeah these hardcore gamers are a little disappionted on not having access to these cars.

    They want the cars to see if there is a car that can take a number 1 on the leaderboards, even if it is just one car out of the 10 these hardcore minority will find it.

    It’s your hardcore gamers that keep a game going and the casual gamers that keep the Sales figures up.

  5. Leathersoup

    The backlash isn’t ridiculous. The whole point of the Forza Games is to be able to drive all of the different types of cars available. When Forza 3 was released Turn 10 announced that they were going to be releasing DLC for the next year. After about half way through the year they stop creating DLC, saying that they have to work on something else, much to the disappointment of everyone who was loyally buying the DLC. Now they’ve taken some of the cars that were supposed to show up in the Jalopnik DLC pack, slapped it into a new version of Forza 3 without any mention of it being released as DLC and everyone’s supposed to grin and bear it? Don’t be an idiot.

    This is simply Turn 10 attempting to up Forza 3’s sales numbers by throwing some DLC into a version and expecting all of the people who already own the game to buy it again. It’s pathetic.

  6. KickedAXE

    It’s this simple why should i buy new games when i can buy used games a year later w/ all dlc free. seriously i know the developers won’t get me again. i will buy GoW2 platinum for $20 and the developers can starve if they are waiting me to purchase any more new games.

  7. sleeksumo3

    I’m angry I love Forza 2 and 3. It convinced me to leave the GT franchise. Why is turn 10 slapping their super fans in the face. I expected some some bias from your microsoft post but come on. On any other forum people are pissed for good reason. You want people to buy your game in the future dont leave a bad taste in their mouth. Seriously turn 10 finally gets ahead of GT then spits on their own customers. I have a feeling turn 10 is working for sony hoping most people will just switch over to the ps3 and buy gt5. I have shelled out way to much for turn 10s products. All dlc packs 2 times, bought 4 forza 2’s, bought 3 forza 3’s, I could have bought a Playstation for that! Dont tell me just because your boss tells you to spin some negativity towards the outraged customers that you believe that. We are mad becuase we care, we are invested, and might not want to buy anymore magic beans from microsoft!

  8. stellakid

    so here`s the problem i have seen it on sale as low as 17.99 ( around the same as 2100 mspoints if the top gear add on was 2100 points i would get it so do i buy the bloody game again just for the top gear dlc (already have all the other dlc) and sell the game on with the rest? (or is that playing into there hand`s) DOH!!!!!!!!!

  9. Greg

    Now will this game come with VIP membership or not? Because I had the original Limited edition and downloaded everything that I got with it (The five limited cars, the legends pack etc.) and I downloaded the first two DLC packs, then I stopped playing it and gave the game away and made a new account but now I wanna play it again and this looks like a great soultion for me as I’m a hardcore racing game fan, but I have a couple of problems: 1. Will I be able to acess my VIP stuff on my new account as I downloaded it on the same xbox as my old account and the old account is still on the xbox? and 2. If I can’t access the VIP stuff is it included in this new version of the game so I won’t be missing out? Could someone please answer me this, thanks.

  10. Ali


    I didn’t find answear anywhere, so I ask you. :)

    in the first edition of FM3 i have lots of achievements. Is there any possibility, that on FM3 ultimate Edition gained achievements stay?
    O should I gain all of them Again?

    Thanks in advance! ;)

  11. Stan

    Ok, so by the looks of things here it’s gone a bit quiet. But from what I know from past experiences, I think I know what’s going to be happening.

    I haven’t actually bought this new UCE, and I agree that it’s a disgrace to see T10 do something like this.

    Anyway, ages and ages ago I had borrowed GTA4 from a friend. Of course I had got achievements and game saves on it. When I gave it back, the new “GTA Episodes From Liberty City” had came out, which contained (only) the two DLC stories. Surprisingly, when I loaded up the game it was known to the Xbox as “GTA4”, only as if I had downloaded the DLC, and so it kept the achievements.

    I have a feeling that this is going to happen here. So game saves, achievements and garages will all be kept together, and to the Xbox the UCE will be known as the standard “Forza 3”

  12. craig

    turn10 wtf are you doing putting locked cars in my forza3 that i cant even access unless i buy ultimate forza3! youve already had about £60 quid off every body who got the dlc packs now you want us to go out and buy this for the sake of a few cars ! MAKE IT DLC NOW!!

    Ridiculous community backlash over Ultimate Edition

    whats ^^^^^^^^^ that ment to mean ? ive been on a few sites now and every one has been playing it down like its no big deal and turn10 done nowt wrong just like this site is doing.

  13. LordKlied

    See more of the problem the forza comunity seems to have is that it freezes way to much. Another thing is that when people speak out about it they get banned for a period of time now, regardless of the whole forza ultimate edition if your turning out the revenue you are doing they keep the customers happy. Is that not will keep customers happy and probably make buying any turn10 products better.

  14. Mario

    I dont know why everyone is so upset. Companies have been releasing “Game of the year” editions of their games (where it contains the original game plus all the add-ons) for years. People here are complaining about buying the DLC twice etc….. its simple.. if you already got all the DLC then dont get the Ultimate Edition! I also cant believe people are making such a fuss about a couple of cars that they cant get…. big deal… I’m guessing you probably haven’t even driven all the cars that you have now anyway.

    For me the Ultimate Edition is awesome. I got the Collector’s Edition when it was released and have not gotten any of the DLC since. Today I got my Ultimate Edition for £11 from If I had to buy all the DLC it adds up to around £47 or something so I saved a ton of money by buying this. Thank you Turn10, I can’t wait for you to release Forza 4.

  15. I purchased the Exclusive edition at Gamestop. Purchased every DLC pack. Then when I saw that they were putting in the Lancia 037 Stradale, I about wet myself.
    Then reality kicked in and I spent 150 bucks on a game that for 5 cars or so that you can only get in the ultimate edition for 30 more dollars I felt like a complete tool of microsoft. Gave away my forza 3 and now happily playing GT5 on my PS3.
    MS needs to think about what they are doing to the true fan base that can, will, and do BUY they games and keep forever. I now ask if the dlc’s are ms based, ps3 based, pc based, etc, cause I will not be that shafted again, All could have been cleared up buy leting me buy a lancia 037 for 400 ms bucks.

  16. rollingbarrierrr

    What get’s on my nerves is the policy itself.

    Get away from standard behaviour and you get troubles from MS:

    Play on 2 consoles (only one online-connected ), player profile on usbstick:

    Buy DLC cars like Porsche 550:
    You wont be able to drive it, no matter which of the 2 consoles, except you buy it again for 600K credits, ANY TIME you want to drive it again

    Well: Content refund security is prior to gamers fun.

    But real fun is coming now:

    I bought the ultimate now to avoid this dlc kindergarten, but what will happen while upgrade? How do I have to act now (deinstallate or not or)?

    Someone has been asking here, no answer. MS is not feeling the need to offer this info easily accessible in the web. (Or didint I find it?)

    I expect troubles, the way: DLC Rights are safe from customer. Playing experience: Dead.

    Its not easy, but they did it: A really classy game, but linked with negative emotions for MS/Turn torturing me with a real simulation of buerocracy and feudalism …. silly customer has to enjoy getting limited without sense

    Sorry: They have not yet managed to get rid of me, but they are on a good path achieving this aim

  17. tristanvwww2

    if you allready have forza 3 will the progress that u have go into the ultimate edition

  18. Congo

    Simple really, not everyone has broadband, therefore not everyone will have the DLC so why not allow those who can’t get the latest DLC, and let those who want the extra content of UCE, don’t like it, don’t buy it!!

  19. Mark

    The company involved is Microsoft, who is in the business of making money. Turn 10 is a Microsoft studio, meaning they answer to Microsoft. And let’s face it, you’re screaming over virtual content in a virtual world – yes you spent your money on the game, but you spent it without knowing what would be available as DLC – And if you paid extra just to get some virtual cars that other people wouldn’t have, well you got what your money paid for – if you did so thinking that they wouldn’t become available later, well that’s how the marketing is done, call it limited, say you have to pre-order, but all you’re buying is an ego trip. if someone else waits to get the game, and then gets a better deal than you, well kudos to them, they weren’t willing to shell over well earned money to have bragging rights to a few more virtual cars. Hardcore or not, you did get exactly what you paid for and what was offered to you.. How could you even say you’re paying for the DLC again, when the Ultimate collection is $30 and the original game plus DLC probably cost you over $100? I’m not a math major but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t equal paying for it again.

  20. JAMES

    Microsoft really are scoundrels when it comes to this kind of thing. It just seems petty.

    Reminds me when i bought win 7 started and it didn’t even give me the option of adding a desktop picture background.

    ‘But sir why don’t you upgrade to ”home premium” then you’ll be able to add all the pictures you want.’

    Really Microsoft, really?

    Or when i tried to cancel my live account:

    – sorry you cant do it online you need to ring up, you’ll be charged for this of course. Then when you do ring up we’ll explain either a) Why we cant, or b) Why you shouldn’t, be cancelling Xbox live.

    Have a nice day, Microsoft thanks you for using their products.

  21. STEEVO


    The Lexus LF-A is one of those cars. sooo….what do you do? You can’t buy it as a DLC.

    Here’s your choices…:

    #1. Buy fm3 Ultimate Collection. (rediculous)
    #2. Feast on a T10 employee’s brown eye? (for the code?)

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